What are your views on this...  


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05/04/2018 8:23 am  

Because cats prefer fresh, flowing water, veterinarians and designers from across the world have developed this new...

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I saw this post advertising a water fountain for cats and just wondered what the general consensus was?

Do you have one, would you buy one...etc

Looking forward to hearing your views,


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Hi Jen,

Apologies for the late reply! As a first time commenter your post had ended up in a moderation queue.

Ourselves and the three overlords have three fountains at home! One per cat just in case.

Fountains provide fresher water to cats and most people report that their cats drink more water.

Just two of the fountains we've tested:

Renegade & Nubia: The new Water Fountain

Product Review: Lucky-Kitty Drinking fountain


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