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Questions On Filling Out My Profile  

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Medran, I know most people have at least 1 social network if not more. The only social network I have is LinkedIn and there is no place to put my LinkedIn address. Why? Where could I put this on my Katzenworld Forum profile?  Also, it asks on my account for the city. My city is not listed but put I am from the United States. What do I do when my city's not listed. I left it blank. As for the signature. do I just type my name? If so, what name do I use? Should I use my display name or real name? I know there are a lot of questions but would appreciate an answer for each question. Thanks In Advance, Snowball

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All of the profile info is optional actually! Signature is something that will show up on each one of your posts so you could put something like "I am x and I blog about cats on x" and it'll show at the bottom of each of your posts.