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Hello from Roh the Kitten-Chewed

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Hi all!  I live in Arizona and am a longtime reader of Katzenworld.  It's my favorite cat blog!  I have one Old Man Cat, named Shinji, who is somewhere between thirteen and sixteen years old, no one's quite sure of his exact age.  He's some type of a Lynx Point Siamese mix, and he's a good boy if somewhat timid.  His little siblings are two five month old kittens, Hiroshi and Nishiko, who were born in April of this year.  Hiroshi is a broken mackerel gray tabby with lots of white, and Nishiko is a calico that is quickly growing lots of fluff.  They're amazing cats and I love them dearly.  Right now the kittens are in Maximum Mischief phase.

Anyway, hi to everyone here!

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