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Hello From Stacy LeBaron and The Community Cats Podcast  


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13/02/2019 12:59 pm  

Hi Everyone,

   I just wanted to introduce myself and my podcast that I have.  I have been involved helping cats for over 20 years and I ran a program in Massachusetts that focused on rescue and trap, neuter, return of feral cats.  We also had the first cageless shelter in the state and also one of the first cat only spay/neuter clinics(we ended up with two catmobiles).  I love learning about all of the ways that people are out there helping cats in their communities, making the world a better place for all in general.  Feel free to check out my podcast at www.communitycatspodcast.com.  Also, if you have ideas about any topics I should cover or people I should interview, please share.  I want this to be a global project, not just covering what is happening in the US.  Thanks much everyone and I am eager to be part of this group.

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13/02/2019 1:17 pm  

Welcome! 🙂